January 2013

We challenged designers across the country to reimagine the patient health record. Over 230 responded and inspired us with their submissions.

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What It Looks Like Today

Blue Button was developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and gave Veterans and their families access to their health records. The first version was limited to text.

It looks and feels like a receipt. If you are a patient with many health conditions, the record is unwieldy because of the lack of presentation and hierarchy.

Design Objectives

  1. Improve the visual layout and style of the information from the medical record
  2. Create a human-centered design that makes it easier for patient to manage their health
  3. Enable health professionals to more effectively understand and use patients' health information
  4. Help family members and friends care for their loved ones

Winners and Showcase

Nightingale (Chicago, IL)

Best Overall Design - 1st Place

Amy Guterman, Stephen Menton, Defne Civelekoglu, Kunal Bhat, Amy Seng, and Justin Rheinfrank from gravitytank

Studio TACK (Brooklyn, NY)

Best Overall Design - 2nd Place

William Brian Smith and Leigh Salem from Studio TACK

Blue Button by Method (San Francisco, CA)

Best Overall Design - 3rd Place

Melissa Martin, Ryan Lee, Kaisha Hom, James Lee, Jeremy Juel, and Leslie Velasco from Method

M.ed by Josh Hemsley (Orange County, CA)

Best Medication Design - 1st Place


MedPop by PIIM (New York, NY)

Best Medication Design - 2nd Place

Christopher Goranson, Jihoon Kang, and Sayoko Yoshida from Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, The New School

Blue Button Narrative (Champaign, IL)

Best Medication Design - 3rd Place

Sanny Lin, Shao-Chi Oy, Kris Wan, and Emelyn Baker

Grouping by Time by Mathew Sanders (Brooklyn, NY)

Best Problem/Medical History - 1st Place


protoRX by Tony Webster (Minneapolis, MN)

Best Problem/Medical History - 2nd Place


Andrew Conn (San Francisco, CA)

Best Problem/Medical History - 3rd Place


Health Summary by HealthEd (Clark, NJ)

Best Lab Summaries - 1st Place

Mike Parker, Dan McGorry, and Kel Smith from HealthEd

M. Jackson Wilkinson (San Francisco, CA)

Best Lab Summaries - 2nd Place


Stay Well by Teague (Seattle, WA)

Best Lab Summaries - 3rd Place

Ronald Viernes, Izzie Zahorian, Lauren Cascio, and Justin Marshall from Teague

Entries that inspired the judges and challenged the status quo

hGraph (Boston, MA)

Eric Benoit, Jon Follett, Ben Salinas, and Juhan Sonin from Involution Studios

Empower Through Design (Clark, NJ)

Venessa Perez, Kel Smith, Tara Rice, Michael Genkin, and Alyssa Costino from HealthEd

Accordion Mailer (San Francisco, CA)

Aaron Perry-Zucker and Kavi Harshawat

OPENHealth Central by Lybba (San Francisco, CA)

Kelli Auerbach, David Fore, and Leslie Marticke from Lybba

Life in Your Years by Beverly Sum (San Francisco, CA)


EmpowerVet (San Jose, CA)

Annette Maxwell, Cynthia Mackey, Anne Mason, and Maurice Novembre

Blocks by Raleigh Swick (San Francisco, CA)


CCD by Mad*Pow (Boston, MA)

Paul Kahn, Andrew Klein and James Christie from Mad*Pow

eHealthMonitor (Cerritos,CA)

Murali Vasudevan

A Pragmatic PHR by Daniel Mall (Philadelphia, PA)


Friendly by Alex Penny (Brooklyn, NY)


Medical Record Redesign (San Francisco, CA)

Barbara Natali

Time-centered Patient Record (Chicago, IL)

Stefan Vant and Linda Luu

At a Glance Health Record (Blacksburg, VA)

Eileen B, Sarah G, David F, Kara B, and Charles H from Uncork-It

EMR 2.0 by Jason Caldwell (Washington, D.C.)


The Social Health Insights Vision (Austin, TX)

Sharon Silverberg, Mark Silverberg, Brian Norris, Charles Boicey

Patent Health Record Document by Robert Lewis (Atlanta, GA)


Clean Redesign by Sai Kandallu (Chicago, IL)


Health Report Deciphered by Khyati Trehan


Medical Record Iconography by Colleen Deng (New York, NY)


The New Patient Record by Wayne Greenwood (San Francisco, CA)


The Personal Medical Record PDF & Report Builder (Denver, CO)


Responsive Health Report by Vince Lane (San Francisco, CA)


Reworked by Darick Dang (Portland, OR)


We would like to thank all the designers and hackers who contributed to this collaborative effort. We were blown away by the number of submissions (over 230!) and the quality of them. The showcase above were some of the reviewers and curators favorite. To see all the entries, head over to Challenge.gov. All entries are Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

What Happens Next

Reviewers and Curators

Ryan Panchadsaram
Presidential Innovation Fellow

Ben Blumenfeld
Co-Director at Designer Fund

Thomas Goetz
Prev. Executive Editor of Wired Magazine

Leslie Ziegler
Creative Director at Rock Health

Donna Cryer
Prev. CEO of American Liver Foundation

Peter Levin
CTO of Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Nicholas Felton
Product Designer at Facebook

Lygeia Ricciardi
Office of Consumer eHealth at ONC

Henry Wei, MD
Presidential Innovation Fellow

Farzad Mostashari, MD
National Coordinator of ONC

Sophia Chang, MD, MPH
Director at CHCF

Glen Moy
Senior Program Officer at CHCF

Inspiration and Clips

There are a handful of resources and works on the web for you to learn from and be inspired by.

Blood Test Gets a Makeover
Wired Magazine

Project Synapse
California HealthCare Foundation

Fitbit Dashboard Designs & Sketches
Dribbble - Kerem Suer

It's time to redesign medical data
TEDMED - Thomas Goetz

Target's ClearRX
Design by Deborah Adler

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